What is it like to be a DAMVAD Analytics Intern?

As an intern at DAMVAD Analytics you will become a part of a dynamic, creative and ambitious firm, where new ideas are encouraged from everyone. Our company culture is informal and we have a social workplace with a strong sense of community.

High expectations

We take your talent seriously. We have a lot of experience with interns and we have developed a well-structured programme to follow during your internship. We call it our DA Talent Factory.

We take your learning seriously and do our best to give you the opportunity to refine your existing skills and develop new ones during your internship. You will have a mentor assigned with regularly scheduled meetings to make sure you get the most out of the internship programme. Your mentor will guide you through the different elements of being a consultant, to ensure you are left with a clear idea of what the job entails.

Many of our consultants started their carrier in DAMVAD Analytics as interns, thus they are the ideal mentors for you and know all about what it’s like to be an intern.

Real-world experience

We want our interns to experience both the professional and the social aspects of working at DAMVAD Analytics. Therefore, you will be part of a lot of different processes and have diverse types of responsibilities. This includes both external tasks, such as sales activities, project execution, and client meetings, as well as internal tasks such as developing new processes, presenting results, and working with the other interns to develop the intern programme.

Last but not least, the internship programme is about getting to know your fellow interns and participating in social events with your other colleagues. This is an important part of being in the workplace, and being part of the team. We frequently plan fun activities, and encourage interns to get involved. All ideas are welcome!

Want to join?

At our office in Denmark and Sweden, we have two teams of interns each year, one from mid August to mid January and one from mid January to mid July. 

Contact information

If you have any questions about our internship programme, please don’t hesitate to contact us:


- Qualitative programme: Sofie Lohman, Senior Consultant and responsible of the qualitative programme in Denmark, on +45 2890 2853 or

- Quantitative programme: Francis, Senior Consultant and responsible of the quantitative programme in Denmark, on +45 2272 0729 or

- Data Science programme: Rasmus Sten Andersen, Senior Data Scientist and responsible of the data science programme in Denmark, on +45 3093 4322 or

- Sales and Business Development programme: Christian Mejlvang, Senior Consultant and responsible of the sales and business developement programme in Denmark, on +45 2571 6731 or


- Quantitative programme: Daniel Ekström, Senior Manager and responsible of the quantitative programme in Sweden, on +46 (0)73 985 35 75 or 

- Qualitative programme: Jesper Johannesson, Senior Manager and responsible of the qualitative programme in Sweden, on +46 (0) 73 615 13 01 or 

This is what our current and former interns say about us:

Former Data Science Intern

"Being an intern at DAMVAD analytics challenged me to learn new skills and how to adapt on the fly. This is true for soft skills such as sales and presentations, but especially true for technical skills such as cloud computing and advanced models for data. In my time at DAMVAD, I had the pleasure of working both on the development of internal products as well as working with external clients. In essence, this allowed me to progress both a software engineer and a data science consultant at the same time.

The internship at DAMVAD is uniquely structured to ensure you progress as much as possible. But most importantly, you get to be part of a young team filled with amazing people.“

Ida Skrubbeltrang Hansen
Studied Masters in Applied Cultural Analysis, KU

"Being an intern at DAMVAD Analytics has given me vital insights into the work and life of a consultant and opened my eyes to new ways in which I can apply and develop my academic competencies.

Through the internship I have been working with a group of highly talented and ambitious consultants, whom have trusted my abilities and provided me with the feedback and support I needed to build a solid amount of professional knowledge and experience within the field of qualitative analysis."

Nikolaj Munksgaard Jacobsen
Studied Masters in Economics, KU

"The internship at DAMVAD Analytics has provided me with the skills required from a consultant, from sales and presentation, to research and data analytics.

I have been working closely with the consultants and data science team. Working with data analytics and machine learning, and applying it in a business context. An internship at DAMVAD Analytics is a great opportunity to learn all aspects of the life of a consultant, that would have been difficult to obtain as a student assistant.“