Damvad Analytics enters 2023 as Amsterdam Data Collective.

Let’s take on this year collectively.

If you’re anything like us, you face 2023 with eyes wide open to the obvious challenges ahead.

And yet, we also welcome it gladly, in a new name and with triple strength to help you progress.

As Amsterdam Data Collective we will be drawing on wide experience from Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Amsterdam - three of Europe’s smaller, but well-run and thoroughly digitalised countries.

A responsible leader within finance, the public sector or health, you hold the option of impacting a lot of people’s lives. That is both a blessing and a burden.

We aim to help you lighten the latter by future proving the most passable way ahead. Not based on data. Or human insight. But on the strength of intertwining the two.

In the spirit of collaboration, we match society-minded data scientists and dataminded sociologists and anthropologists with your team. Because looking from more angles always secures the better view.

Being on the forefront of digital knowledge management and AI is not enough. It’s our consistent inter-disciplinary perspective, that secures you and our other clients the most informed foundation to execute from.

No matter if we are talking data-science, analysis, or strategic advisory.

No one is brighter than the foundation for their decisions. And we’ll stretch across all disciplines, obstacles, and differences for your business, fund, or government to shine.

Looking forward to personally introducing ourselves by a new name soon!

Gain a competetive edge through data!

Data Strategy
Data Collection
Predictive Analytics
Consulting on strategy, implementation and execution

Data Strategy

Understand data and create value

In many organizations large amounts of data are available, but never used to its full potential. Insufficient data quality and lack of advanced data processes contribute negatively to your organizations success. We help you understand your data and ensure that it generates value. This includes identifying external data – private, public or open data – that can enrich your data, testing the validity of data and aligning data. Your data should be structured to support the insights needed to define predictive analytics and make relevant forecasts.

  • Data audit
  • Quality check of data and data processes for business intelligence
  • Developing data structures, data models and organizational capabilities
  • Aligning organization strategies based on data and data strategies
  • Consulting towards becoming a data driven organization
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Data Collection

Collecting data is key

Data collection and preparation is crucial in developing a data driven business model and maximizing the benefits relevant to your strategy. To generate value, it is imperative to be able to collect data, prepare it and merge it with other relevant data. We collect and prepare structured and unstructured data by applying the most advanced quantitative techniques (such as NLP, machine learning, elastic search etc.) and qualitative techniques (such as observation studies, field studies, sociology and ethnography). We also create and update our own historical databases collected from public registries, open data sources, sensors, social media data, etc.

  • Identify high value data assets and recommend applications to maximize your value
  • Assist in structuring data to be ready for analytics
  • Structure unstructured data by applying machine learning and natural language processing
  • Link and merge your data with DAMVAD Analytics' unique proprietary data as well as public register data, social media data and open data sources
  • Extract data on companies, boards and managements from public data sources
  • Access open data sources to extract data for analytics and intelligence (API, ETL etc.), e.g.
  • Collecting complex unstructured data through advanced qualitative techniques and tools
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Predictive Analytics

Stay ahead of the curve and embrace the new world.

In many organizations, analysis is too simple to generate real value. It is often based on business intelligence, that does not really tell you what to do and why. It is a reactive monitoring approach, and the methodologies applied are not advanced enough to generate valid answers.

Our approach enables you to understand what happened; why it happened; and what will happen, all from applying sophisticated, predictive analytics. We apply econometrics, machine learning as well as other statistical methods, and assist you in finding answers to proceed with confidence and insights which will be valuable in both external and internal processes. We give you the tools you need to answer the question about which course of action you should take in order to fulfil your organizational goals. And which predictive KPIs to monitor if you want to know whether or not you are moving in the right direction. 

  • Econometric impact analysis of investments, policy initiatives, or business sectors
  • Assess graduate labor market success for education institutions, optimizing student retainment and completion
  • Identify public or private sector R&D strongholds to invest in or collaborate with
  • R&D network Analysis
  • Forecasting of trade, industry and labor market dynamics
  • Evaluation of education, labor market, innovation or business programs
  • Identify potential clients, customers likely to churn, and which companies that will show success or failure
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Consulting on strategy, implementation and execution

We help you turn directions into actions

Rather than building a direction on existing beliefs and assumptions, we help executives gain a clear, evidence-based perspective on the world they interact in, and the impact of their activities. Furthermore, we set direction by forcing the executives to determine the causal chain assumptions and define which data driven indicators should define success. We call this data supported causal effect. Based on our analytics we help you determine which steps to take in order to obtain the desired results. For organisations working in a political environment, we assist you in handling stakeholders and making sure that the data and results are applicable in a political setting.

  • Scenario analysis
  • Define an evidence based long term direction
  • Clarify the intervention logic and causal-effect chains
  • Align data and analytics with strategic goals and causal-effect chains
  • Develop your business model in order to maximise outcome from data
  • Identify policy initiatives in other countries
  • Accreditation consultancy support for education and research organisations
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Business Economics

To beat competing companies, you need to get an insight into what will happen next! Who is your next potential client? Who should you invest in or acquire? Who moves forward and what entails a great risk, and how to advise the government to improve the policy framework for businesses? We help our clients advance their political agenda by assessing the realized, as well as forecasting the economic impacts of specific policies and initiatives. 

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Advancing Philanthropy

The role of philanthropic foundations in our communities is growing. At the same time, society's demands to the foundations’ organization and management are increasing. The foundations have considerable resources and can, with the right measures and funding, help to solve society's biggest challenges related to health, poverty, social inequality, climate changes, freedom and democracy. It requires insight to fit the foundations' instruments and impact strategies to the major societal challenges. In DAMVAD Analytics, we help the foundations to create insights through advanced data models and strategic methods. We help foundations understand and document their impact and look into the future. We specialize in linking the foundations' own data with open data in the outside world based on predictive models. We call this impact.

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Education & Employment

Educating people is one of the most promising investments. But it also holds a great deal of challenges that are more easily overcome by applying a data based foundation for leadership.

We provide solutions on how to improve the quality, relevance and international aspects of study programmes. We specialise in applying data for assessing graduates’ academic knowledge and competencies and compare these with the employers’ future need for competencies. – as well as providing statistical models to sustain the leadership in managing succesful education institutions.

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Energy & Climate

Changing regulatory framework conditions, new technologies and an urgent need for investing in competitive renewable technologies. These conditions imply that forward looking insights are extremely valuable. We help our clients in the central administration, the energy technology industry and the utility sector to obtain a leading position, influence policy development, pursue new opportunities and rethink strategies. 

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Financial Services

The potential in unlocking the value of data within banking, pension, insurance and investments is immense. We help clients get a profound insight into their clients and potential clients and how they act by applying machine learning and merging large external data sources. Furthermore, we support efficiency through data science and statistical modelling which enable our clients to automate even more complex cases than the standard software and RPA solutions.


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Life Science

A big-data revolution is unfolding in life science – and we are part of it. Pharmaceutical companies work with big medical databases. Patient records are being digitized. Governments opens health-care data and technically, it is easier to collect and analyze data. We help companies, foundations, organisations and research institutions navigate in the complex world of health data in order to innovate and sustain performance.

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We provide impact!

At DAMVAD Analytics, it's not about getting the job done. It's about striving for more, and break the walls of possibility and expectation to ensure the best results for our customers. We would like to tell you some stories about our past work, and reveal what a difference it made.

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