Many organizations possess lots of data which they don’t fully exploit. Insufficient data quality and lack of advanced data processes may contribute negatively to vital decision makings. We help you understand your data and how to make sure it generates value for your organization. We assist in identifying external data – private, public or open data – that enriches your data, and we test the validity of data and assist you in aligning data, so that it supports the insights you need to define predictive analytics and forecasts.

DAMVAD Analytics typical data services:

  • Data audit
  • Quality check of data and data processes for business intelligence
  • Developing data structure, data models and organizational capability
  • Aligning organization strategies based on data and data strategies
  • Consulting to support becoming a data driven organization
  • Assessing quality of data processes

    Client: A national government learning agency

    Goals: To avoid errors in statistical services

    The Danish National Agency for IT and Learning discovered errors in their statistics on vocational education and training programmes. The errors could have many sources. The statistics are based on very complex IT data systems reporting i from around 100 schools in Denmark and are being enriched and prepared for statistics. Furthermore, the programming ensures that a lot of criteria are met. Finally, the coding programmes have been developed over many years with changing political perspectives.

    DAMVAD Analytics undertook a quality assurance raid during one intensive month in order to conclude whether or not the statistics were trustworthy. By mapping and analyzing the data flow and performing various procedures in MySQL and SAS, we tested the probability of errors and whether or not the coding ensured good data. The outcome of the project was an evaluation that the statistics concluded to be right and recommendations to raise data quality procedures.