We assist you to determine what happens next – your next decision, your next investment, your next measure.

In order to make good decisions and monitor the progress vis-a-vis your goals, we assist you in conducting advanced analytics. In too many organizations, analysis is often too simple to generate real value. It is often based on business intelligence, that does not really tell you what to do and why. It is a reactive monitoring approach. The methodologies applied are often not advanced enough to generate valid answers.

Our big analytics approach enables you to understand what happened; why it happend; and what will happen. Make predictive analytics that generates value for your business model/organization We can assist you in getting answers on how to proceed. We enable you to answer the question about which course of action you should take in order to fulfil your organizational goals. And which predictive KPIs to monitor if you want to know whether or not you move in the right direction with importance for your goal (as opposed to descriptive KPIs).

DAMVAD Analytics typical services

  • Econometric impact analysis of investments, policy initiatives, or business sectors
  • Assess graduate labor market success for education institutions and optimizing student retainment and completion
  • Identify public or private sector R&D strongholds to invest in or collaborate with
  • R&D network Analysis
  • Forecasting of trade, industry and labor market dynamics
  • Evaluation of education, labor market, innovation or business programs
  • Assess quality board members and management teams based on their historic performance in companies and organisations
  • Identify industry and R&D strongholds

    Client: US Fortune 100 company

    Goals: To identify which industries to invest in and strengthen activities in a European country

    A leading multinational company, based in the US but with activities in most of the world, needed to identify which industries to invest in and establish relationships with if they should strengthen their position in a European country. In order to do this, we identified the technology strongholds for this company, their sourcing needs and prior activities in similar countries. Furthermore, we identified the industrial technology and research strongholds in the specific country. We matched the strongholds of the company and the country.

    To identify the knowledge strongholds, we applied patent- and publication data and assessed the citation impact in 350 different technology areas.

    We used advanced data material and techniques to identify knowledge strongholds and potential business partnerships in Denmark. By using a novel application of data and methodology, we thereby strengthened their activities in Denmark.

  • Graduate labour market assessment

    Client: Danish Technical University

    Goals: To analyze the match between the graduates and the labor market needs

    These days, education is a hot topic. There is at the same time an increasing push for better quality, higher relevance of candidates for the labo market, and more cost-efficiency. There is a political focus in the sector and an accountability perspective from citizens, businesses and students.

    For the Technical University of Denmark, we mapped the graduate labor market and analyzed the match between the supply and demand in knowledge and competencies. In these kinds of studies we use a combination of different methodologies

    We have also conducted student graduate and labour marked studies for Copenhagen Business School, Aarhus University, Roskilde University, Via University College, IT University of Copenhagen, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, Bergen University, Danish School of Media and Journalism and many more.

  • Better framework conditions

    Client: Novo Nordisk

    Goal: To maximize political and social attention on the importance of high level science and education for the life science industry

    Novo Nordisk wanted to attract attention to the great possibilities for the Danish society by ensuring good research and education conditions for the life science industry,

    For Novo Nordisk, we analysed the company’s contribution towards employment and welfare within Denmark and the barriers for further growth for the Danish pharmaceutical sector. We conclude that there is a lack of highly educated employees in science, engineering and health, which may inhibit growth.

    The analysis is based on a variety of data sources and data methodologies linked together to give the best offset for demonstrating and understanding the Danish R&D landscape in life science. The data techniques involve economic industry analytics, patent- and publication analytics, network analysis and analysis of the human capital and their background.

    In combination to the analytics we offered advice on how to frame and present the data and messages to different audience groups – the wider public, government officials, media and politicians and how to make sure the complex messages are presented in a compelling but still sound manner.