Business & Economics

To stimulate economic growth we must continuously improve the policy framework for the business sector. Economic growth will support jobs with high wages and firms with high productivity and therefore give welfare to us all. We help our clients advance their political agenda by evaluating the economic effects of specific policies, initiatives or even individual firms. Our team is a dynamic mix of recent economic graduates and experienced consultants with previous employment in economic ministries and universities.

Case Examples

For Novo Nordisk, we analysed the company’s contribution towards employment and welfare within Denmark and the barriers for further growth for the Danish pharmaceutical sector. We conclude that there is a lack of highly educated employees in science, engineering and health may inhibit growth.

For the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth, we evaluated the Danish Growth fund (DGF) and how it fulfils its purpose of mitigating market failure. This evaluation was made together with Prof Gordon Murray, University of Exeter, and Prof Marc Cowling, University of Brighton.

Research & Innovation

Excellent research and innovation is imperative for economic growth, prosperity, social conditions and health. We provide evidence-based knowledge on science, technology and innovation systems, the role and impact of research institutions, regional and national knowledge strongholds and business intelligence. Our team comprises years of experience performing applied research and analyses for public and private clients. We base our strategic and political advice on research-based methodology and use advanced analytical tools including bibliometrics, econometrics and recognized qualitative approaches.

Case Examples

For a Fortune 100 company, we identified knowledge strongholds and potential business partnerships in Denmark. By using a novel application of data and methodology, we strengthened their activities in Denmark.

For a large research foundation, we applied big data tools to digitalize, systemize and upgrade their data. The project enabled the foundation to measure the output of their research grants back in time.

Education & Employment

We analyse the outcomes and impacts of educational initiatives and reforms. We use our in-depth knowledge of the Danish educational system and use state-of-the-art evaluation methods to provide solutions on how to improve the quality, relevance and international aspects of study programmes. We specialise in evaluating graduates’ academic knowledge and competencies and compare these with the employers’ future need for competencies.

Case Examples

For the Technical University of Denmark, we mapped the graduate labour market and analysed the match between the supply and demand in knowledge and competencies.

For the Ministry of Research and Higher Education, we mapped a number of joint study programmes in the Danish higher educational system, as well as the strengths and challenges faced when joining educational forces across international borders.