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People come to us from varying backgrounds - economists, professionels, doctoral students and graduates. People are our most valuable resource, why training of people is therefore a core priority.




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  • Joint study programme enhance quality in education

    Joint study programme enhance quality in education

    When educational institutions join forces and take advantage of strength-positions, it is possible to create better educational programmes concludes a new report from DAMVAD. However, the report also highlight challenges related to the financial and judicial framework for running the joint study programmes. Read the English summary here. For more information, contact consultant Line Bækgaard.

  • Good work environment equals growth

    Good work environment equals growth

    Work wellbeing and a good work environment correlate positively with increased productivity. A new research project from DAMVAD confirms a thesis many hope for, that there is a positive link between happy and healthy employees and productivity in companies. This is the most comprehensive empirical evidence of the topic covering more than 20.000 observations across four Nordic Countries. For more information read the report or contact principal economist Michael Mark.

  • Nordic firms have large returns on R&D investments

    Nordic firms have large returns on R&D investments

    A new analysis by DAMVAD on the Economic Impacts of Business Investments in R&D in the Nordic Countries​ demonstrates a positive return on additional investments in all countries. Denmark has the highest return, where an additional euro invested in R&D has a net-return of 34.2 percent. In addition it is the first time R&D data covering the Nordic countries have been analysed using micro data. Contact Senior Economist Asbjørn Boye Knudsen.

  • Life science can foster growth

    Life science can foster growth

    The Danish economy can generate jobs and wealth through the strongholds within life science. However it is important that the Danish society keeps investing in basic science and educate enough talent of best quality if Denmark should maximize outcome of these opportunities. This is demonstrated in a new study, DAMVAD has conducted on behalf of Novo Nordisk. Read the analysis. Contact: CEO Kristian Mørk Puggaard.

  • Norway needs advanced ICT employees

    Norway needs advanced ICT employees

    Norway will need employees with advanced ICT competences in the future. By 2030, the demand will exceed the supply by more than 10.000 employees. The lack of employees with advanced ICT competences hampers utilisation of ICT in public sector and is poison to ICT-sectors exposed to global competition. For more information on how to meet the challenges read the press release, English summary, the report or contact Principal Economist Michael Mark.  

  • Innovation Norway strengthens SME business owners

    Innovation Norway strengthens SME business owners

    The FRAM program is effective in strengthening skills that are important for small and medium sized enterprises. This is the main finding in DAMVAD's recent evaluation of the FRAM-program funded by Innovation Norway. Economic results are however not possible to trace, possibly in part because many businesses are still in early phases of implementing positive change.Read the report here or contact senior consultant Hanne Jordell.

  • More research on innovation policy

    More research on innovation policy

    Norwegian research on research and innovation is growing. DAMVAD has undertaken a study on behalf of the Norwegian Research Council and the research program FORFI covering a bibliometric analysis of funding and an analysis of user needs, and the potential to strengthen the interaction between research and users of research. DAMVAD has also functioned as a secretary for the evaluation panel responsible for the evaluation report. Contact Director Rolf Røtnes

  • Do you share your research data?

    Do you share your research data?

    Most Norwegian researchers make their research data available for other researchers, a new report from DAMVAD Norway shows. Most researchers also believe that openness to sharing data strengthens research. Still, some researchers are reluctant to share their data with others for various reasons. These are among the main results of an analysis commissioned by the Research Council of Norway. Read the press release or contact Senior Consultant Maja Tofteng.

  • Wind - a Danish research and business stronghold

    Wind - a Danish research and business stronghold

    Wind is a business and research stronghold in Denmark and 9 out of 10 companies in the sector believe that public research adds value to their businesses. The Danish stronghold and the 28,000 directly employed in the sector in Denmark is, however, under pressure from increased global investments in this area. Read the study or contact Director Kasper Lindgaard for further information.

  • Coherence for Growth and Innovation

    Coherence for Growth and Innovation

    Three conclusions from a new DAMVAD analysis on the Danish innovation and business support system are particularly clear: The national and regional programs complement each other, there are large differences in the instruments used for promoting various purposes and every third user of the innovation and business support programs is a returning user. Contact Senior Economist Asbjørn B. Knudsen.

  • Swan label: Sign of Approval of environmental efforts

    Swan label: Sign of Approval of environmental efforts

    The Swan Label strengthens the environmental profile and can be a prerequisite for sales, improves work well-being, improves innovation, makes employees proud and has impact on resource efficiency. The Swan Label also clearly dominates within service industries compared to the EU Ecolabel. Read the studies here (Swan and Companies &  Swan and EU Ecolabels).  Contact Director Kasper Lindgaard.

  • Limited relevance of Norwegian Quota Scheme

    Limited relevance of Norwegian Quota Scheme

    In accordance with the Norwegian Quota Scheme's two objectives, the scheme to some extent contributes to development in the quota-countries and internationalisation at Norwegian higher education institutions. However, weaknesses in design of the scheme may limits its relevance to both objectives. DAMVAD also finds that the administration of the scheme affects the results negatively and incurs a number of hidden costs. Contact Senior Consultant Sonja L. Berg

  • The Danish Growth Fund attracts investors

    The Danish Growth Fund attracts investors

    With its indirect investments the Danish Growth Fund has attracted private investors and supported competence building in the Danish venture market, simultaneously the fund's loan and guarantee products has helped to secure the access to finance during the crisis. Together with professors Gordon Murray and Marc Cowling DAMVAD has evaluated the activities of the Danish Growth Fund in the period 2010-2012. Read the study or contact Senior Consultant Nils Askær-Hune.


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  • Jul

    Job Openings at DAMVAD Denmark

    DAMVAD is looking for talents to perform analysis of labour market, social and education policy. Read more here. For more information contact Director Esben Anton Schultz.

  • Jul

    Jonas Öhlin joins DAMVAD

    We are pleased to announce that Jonas Öhlin joins DAMVAD Sweden as Senior Economist. Jonas holds a M.Sc. degree in economics from Stockholm University. He has several years of experience within quantitative methods from economic and policy consultancies and from the Swedish Competition Authority. For more information contact Managing Director for DAMVAD Sweden Torben Bundgaard Vad.

  • Jun

    DAMVAD in Media

    We need evidence-based research and evaluation of the Danish educational system. Read director Esben Anton Schultz' feature article in todays Berlingske (only in Danish). For more information contact Director Esben Anton Schultz.

  • Jun

    Evaluating e-learning

    University College Nordjylland (UCN) has asked DAMVAD to evaluate the use of e-learning in service engineering programs. The project aims at developing e-skills in the service engineering industry and is funded by the European Social Fund. DAMVAD will provide methodological guidance and assists UCN with data collection and analysis. For more information contact Consultant Lasse Poulsen.

  • Jun

    New Framework Agreement in Sweden

    DAMVAD has in cooperation with the Swedish consultancy Kontigo qualified as one of only three selected suppliers for VINNOVA - Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems’ framework agreement within the area of evaluation. For more information contact Managing Director for DAMVAD Sweden Torben Bundgaard Vad.

  • Jun

    Does ICT increase productivity?

    The Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis has selected DAMVAD to identify and analyse the contribution of ICT to Swedish productivity growth. For more information contact Consultant Frida Karlsson.

  • Jun

    Thursday Morning at DAMVAD

    How do we map the new digital economy? We have invited San Francisco based Startup Compass to our Thursday Morning session in Copenhagen on June 19th from 8-9, to discuss their approach to mapping and benchmarking global startup ecosystems. Read the invitation here. For more information contact Consultant Lasse Grosen.

  • Jun

    How is staff development organized?

    The Danish Accreditation Institution will conduct an analysis on how staff development is organized at the higher education institutions. The analysis will be carried out by DAMVAD and it will shed light on the Universities’ and University Colleges’ focus on and previous experiences with staff development within the area of teaching. For more information see The Danish Accreditation Institution or contact senior consultant Dina Celia Madsen

  • Jun

    Inspiring biz initiatives in Scotland

    DAMVAD reports on the Danish Wind Case, The Norwegian Petroleum Case and the Danish public business development process inspires new Business initiative in Scotland. The initiative promote the fundamentals of Scotland's economic investment case advocating an economic plan that will lead to stronger and more sustainable growth in the future. See the full report at For more information contact Director Kasper Lindgaard.

  • Jun

    Novo Nordisk conference on growth

    June 11 at 12:30 Novo Nordisk hosts a conference on growth conditions in Denmark. The conference takes its focal point in an analysis made by DAMVAD on human capital, R&D and economic impact of Novo Nordisk and an assessment of the Danish frame conditions  in these areas. Read the invitation here.Contact CEO Kristian Mørk Puggaard.

  • Jun

    Future cities of DK2050

    The large scenario project DK2050 will be represented at Folkemødet on Bornholm. See the interesting DK2050 program for Folkemødet here, and get inspired and discuss central dilemmas on the green transition in Denmark towards 2050. DAMVAD is together with scenario partner Kairos Future the analytical team behind DK2050.  For more information contact consultant Lasse Grosen