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People come to us from varying backgrounds - economists, professionels, doctoral students and graduates. People are our most valuable resource, why training of people is therefore a core priority.




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  • Searching for the right competencies

    Searching for the right competencies

    A new pilot-study conducted by DAMVAD shows that while there might be a shortage of people working within the health care sector, the change in need of competencies in the health care sector proofs to be even more important to address in the Nordic countries. Cooperation forums which allow sharing of good practices and experience could be an opportunity in a Nordic context. For more information read the report or contact Consultant Line Bækgaard.

  • The food cluster creates jobs in the whole economy

    The food cluster creates jobs in the whole economy

    Increasing economic activity in the food cluster can benefit the whole Danish Economy. Creating 100 new jobs directly in the food cluster will generate as much as 74 new jobs outside of the food cluster. Concentrating the increase in economic activity to agriculture still yields significant effects. However, there is little effect on the food cluster from increased activity in other industries. This is shown in a study by DAMVAD. Contact Economist Niels Storm Knigge

  • Skills development requires pedagogical leadership

    Skills development requires pedagogical leadership

    The management plays a crucial role in order to make sure that the Danish higher education organizations succeed in upgrading the pedagogical skills of their staff. When pedagogical leadership is lacking, only the very interested (and often best) teachers seek to develop their pedagogical skills. This is one of the conclusions in an analysis conducted by DAMVAD in cooperation with the Danish Accreditation Institution. Read summary or contact consultant Line Bækgaard.

  • Life science can foster growth

    Life science can foster growth

    The Danish economy can generate jobs and wealth through the strongholds within life science. However it is important that the Danish society keeps investing in basic science and educate enough talent of best quality if Denmark should maximize outcome of these opportunities. This is demonstrated in a new study, DAMVAD has conducted on behalf of Novo Nordisk. Read the danish or english analysis. Contact CEO Kristian Mørk Puggaard.

  • Mapping of target group for InnovationsFonden

    Mapping of target group for InnovationsFonden

    Almost two in three companies (63 pct.) that used one of the programs under InnovationsFonden (IF) have used more than one program in the Danish Innovation and Business Development system. The share for users of the system as a whole is 35 pct. The target group analysis recently performed by DAMVAD gives a thorough description of the users of the programs that are now joined under the IF. Read the report or contact senior economist Asbjørn Boye Knudsen.

  • Biofuel is a Danish growth opportunity

    Biofuel is a Danish growth opportunity

    A new analysis conducted by DAMVAD shows that of three green technologies, the biggest potential for Denmark and Danish companies is within biofuel. The analysis investigates Denmark’s present and potential position of strengths within the following three green technologies: hydrogen, biofuel and electric motors. Read the English summary here or contact Consultant Alberte Glob Nielsen.

  • 200 highly innovative firms in the food cluster

    200 highly innovative firms in the food cluster

    DAMVAD has assessed the number of innovative companies in the food cluster in Denmark, in order to evaluate the potential of attracting companies to the future innovation center at Agro Food Park in Skejby near Aarhus, which Danish Agriculture & Food Council is planning to build. A total of 200 firms in the food cluster are deemed to have a high potential for innovation, based on the employees’ education level. Read the report or English summary. Contact economist Peter Sonne-Holm.

  • Joint study programme enhance quality in education

    Joint study programme enhance quality in education

    When educational institutions join forces and take advantage of strength-positions, it is possible to create better educational programmes concludes a new report from DAMVAD. However, the report also highlight challenges related to the financial and judicial framework for running the joint study programmes. Read the English summary here. For more information, contact consultant Line Bækgaard.

  • Good work environment equals growth

    Good work environment equals growth

    Work wellbeing and a good work environment correlate positively with increased productivity. A new research project from DAMVAD confirms a thesis many hope for, that there is a positive link between happy and healthy employees and productivity in companies. This is the most comprehensive empirical evidence of the topic covering more than 20.000 observations across four Nordic Countries. For more information read the report or contact principal economist Michael Mark.

  • Nordic firms have large returns on R&D investments

    Nordic firms have large returns on R&D investments

    A new analysis by DAMVAD on the Economic Impacts of Business Investments in R&D in the Nordic Countries​ demonstrates a positive return on additional investments in all countries. Denmark has the highest return, where an additional euro invested in R&D has a net-return of 34.2 percent. In addition it is the first time R&D data covering the Nordic countries have been analysed using micro data. Contact Senior Economist Asbjørn Boye Knudsen.

  • Norway needs advanced ICT employees

    Norway needs advanced ICT employees

    Norway will need employees with advanced ICT competences in the future. By 2030, the demand will exceed the supply by more than 10.000 employees. The lack of employees with advanced ICT competences hampers utilisation of ICT in public sector and is poison to ICT-sectors exposed to global competition. For more information on how to meet the challenges read the press release, English summary, the report or contact Principal Economist Michael Mark.  

  • Innovation Norway strengthens SME business owners

    Innovation Norway strengthens SME business owners

    The FRAM program is effective in strengthening skills that are important for small and medium sized enterprises. This is the main finding in DAMVAD's recent evaluation of the FRAM-program funded by Innovation Norway. Economic results are however not possible to trace, possibly in part because many businesses are still in early phases of implementing positive change.Read the report here or contact senior consultant Hanne Jordell.

  • More research on innovation policy

    More research on innovation policy

    Norwegian research on research and innovation is growing. DAMVAD has undertaken a study on behalf of the Norwegian Research Council and the research program FORFI covering a bibliometric analysis of funding and an analysis of user needs, and the potential to strengthen the interaction between research and users of research. DAMVAD has also functioned as a secretary for the evaluation panel responsible for the evaluation report. Contact Director Rolf Røtnes


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  • Sep

    Value of outdoor recreation

    Can we measure the economical effects of outdoor recreation? DAMVAD has been commissioned by the Danish Outdoor Council to conduct an analysis of the economic value of outdoor recreation. The focal point of the analysis will be how outdoor recreation affects health, both mental and physical.  The goal of the analysis is to give a new perspective on how to measure the economic value of outdoor recreation. Contact Economist Rasmus Foss-Pedersen.

  • Sep

    Senior Consultant to DAMVAD Sweden

    DAMVAD is now well established in Sweden. We are searching for a Senior Consultant with strong competences in the areas of research, innovation and education to our Stockholm Office. Great career opportunities are available for the right person in a Nordic based specialized policy and economics consultancy with global reach. For more information contact Managing Director for DAMVAD Sweden Torben Bundgaard Vad or read more here.

  • Sep

    DAMVAD Consultant elected president of DES

    During the conference of the Danish Evaluation Society (DES) September 11 – 13 in Kolding Principal Consultant Niels Matti Søndergaard was elected president of DES. Niels has already spent three years on the board and will use the next year on consolidating the forum as the central venue for discussing how evaluation can improve publice policies and services in Denmark. For more information contact Principal Consultant Niels Matti Søndergaard.

  • Sep

    DAMVAD on Programme Theory

    DAMVAD has been asked to give a presentation on "Programme Theory - how it can contribute to more efficient projects" at Danish Evaluation Society’s annual conference. The presentation builds on DAMVAD’s experiences with program theory and evaluation of different projects. The conference takes place in Kolding September 11-13. For more information, contact Maria Rye Dahl.

  • Sep

    New offices in January 2015

    We are moving! Not now though. But in January 2015 our Copenhagen office will move to Nyropsgade. We visited our new place last week - take a look here. Contact CFO Brian Landbo for more information.

  • Sep

    European Service Innovation Centre in function

    As one of the contributing partners in the establishment of the European Service Innovation Centre (ESIC), DAMVAD will engage as a moderator in the final conference which will take place 9-10 September at Finlandia Hall in Helsinki. The conference will present the key findings and lessons of the ESIC journey that started in 2012. For more information contact VD Torben Bundgaard Vad

  • Sep

    Mathias Baumann joins DAMVAD

    DAMVAD are pleased to announce that Mathias Baumann joins DAMVAD as a consultant. Mathias has previously worked in Rambøll Management Consulting within the area of educational analysis and has recently been stationed in the Ministry of Education, where he worked on the implementation of the Danish school reform. He has extensive knowledge of primary and lower secondary education. Contact Principal Consultant Niels Matti Søndergaard.

  • Sep

    Framework agreement in evaluating regional development projects

    DAMVAD Norway has been selected as one of only three organizations by Innovation Norway for the Framework agreement for evaluating development projects. Innovation Norway has a particular responsibility as National Centre for local development and renewal. On behalf of the county councils, Innovation Norway is responsible for quality assurance and monitoring the public funds in regional development projects. For more information contact Senior Consultant Hanne Jordell.

  • Sep

    Louise Birch joins DAMVAD

    DAMVAD hereby announces that Louise Birch has joined DAMVAD as a consultant. Louise comes from DISCUS and has extensive insight into the Danish labour market as well as experience with qualitative methods. For more information, contact Director Esben Anton Schultz.

  • Aug

    DAMVAD at the Driving Green 2014 Conference

    Yesterday DAMVAD presented the results of a highly relevant analysis of how and where Denmark can benefit in a future global conversion on green technologies within the transportation sector. You can see the presented power point here (danish only) or contact consultant Alberte Glob Nielsen for further information. 

  • Aug

    Are you a Big Data Evangelist?

    DAMVAD is looking for students with IT talents and a deep passion for Big Data. Do you have a burning interest in exploring the opportunities within Big Data and how to make use of public available data sources to create new insights? Then read more here. For more information contact Head of Business Development Big Data Peter Berg Jørgensen.